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Name Me a Single War that was Worth It?

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    Last Updated: May 31, 2011

    By James Altucher.

    Ugh, it’s Memorial Day. I’m one of those people who for four generations at least have zero experience at war. I was too young or old to be in any Gulf War. My dad was 5 when WWII started so too young for Korea and too old for Vietnam. And his father traipsed across Europe under a fake name (would my life have been different if I kept it – “Greenberg”?) to avoid the front lines of whatever war he was avoiding. Who wants to be dead?

    WW 2?

    Even WWII. What did we do? What has Europe ever done for us since then? Good thing we bombed the hell out of Europe so the IMF can go around raping everyone now. We can say, “Well Hitler was killing the jews! We had to go in there!”

    Are you kidding me? He KILLED the Jews. It was already over for six million Jews by the time we stepped foot in Germany (and millions more displaced after much anguish). And the gays, the gypsies, France, parts of England, and whatever else Hitler felt like.

    We only went in there after the war was already lost….

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    The war of(f)/on Error?

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