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Experts Join the Investigation of the UFO in China

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    Last Updated: July 16, 2010

    by Cherlyn Gardner Strong.

    The investigation of the unidentified flying object that shut down Xiaoshan Airport in Hangzhou last week is ongoing, with an update reported this morning from Shanghai Daily.

    It was announced this morning that experts from Bejing and Shanghai have stepped in to continue the investigation of the UFO that shut down Xiaoshan Airport last week.

    Last week, on July 7th, control tower officers detected an unidentified flying object. The officers immediately ordered several incoming flights to land at airports in neighboring Ningbo and Wuxi, delaying passengers for nearly four hours.

    Persons on the ground also witnessed the object in the sky.

    The official investigation team at Xiaoshan Airport has spent the last five days probing into the matter, but have not yet come up with answers.

    Despite conflicting reports regarding whether the airport radar detected the object, Xiaoshan officials now state that something strange was detected on radar around 9:00 pm on July 7th.

    The experts who met in Hangzhou today are not expecting to identify the object as a UFO. One of those experts, Zhang Yunhua, has studied some of the photos submitted by eyewitnesses.

    It is his opinion that the photos show reflections of sunlight on airplanes.

    He stated, “It must be something normal – most UFO cases turned out to be something normal.”

    He added, “The investigation would depend on how cooperative the airport authority is. For example, showing us the radar pictures could be a great help.”


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