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Watch this video and think

  1. #1 procyon
    March 11, 2010 pm31 6:13 am

    …but they wouldn’t do that to us. Why would canola and aspartame be allowed in our food if those additives caused cancer or leukemia. H1N1 is swine fever, the vaccine will save our lives…but Lee Harvey Oswald shot Kennedy not the guy driving the presidents car…but NASA wouldn’t lie about there being no life on mars nor would they doctor and obfuscate photos from around the solar system…It’s ridiculous saying there are people on mars and even more ridiculous saying the next false flag attack wii come from space.
    Im your average american, and I’m comfortable in my bed sleeping, yet you try to wake me up to this fallacies. I’m rolling over and going back to sleep. Btw I will get up tomorrow to watch The Matrix again. Thats a good story…

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  2. #2 renee
    March 12, 2010 pm31 2:42 am

    please remember , this world and everything happening in it is just a test. they want your soul. do not give it to them. until the test is over, love one another

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  3. #3 pj
    March 15, 2010 pm31 6:10 am

    Government is good. Government cares about you. Government knows what is best for you. Government is the most efficient provider of all things. Nancy Pelosi loves you. President Obama cares about you. Everything evil is because of private companies. Everything vile is because of profit. The government wants to care for you. All wealth is created by the government. All goodness comes from the government. 

All pray for the government.
All hail the government.
All love the government.

Love, peace, government, hot chocolate, government and warm puppies.

Any criticism of the government is racist and hateful. We must love our government and our Dear Leader. Dedicate yourself to the government. Denounce deviation. 

Obama 2012. Obama 2012. Obama 2012.

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  4. #4 helen
    February 22, 2011 pm31 12:45 am

    PJ, you lost your mind, completely. It is very scary that there are too many morons like you…. wow….

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