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Wake Up Call – New World Order Documentary [Remastered]

  1. #1 Lindiana
    October 29, 2008 am31 8:10 am

    I wonder how many more of these shows have to be made before we as one awaken and do something about our coming slavery. If you have no clue, this is one show you have to watch. Because this stuff is happening, now. Be informed and pass it on so others can be informed. Realize we can no longer trust our leaders and the systems that be. Drop your human emotions of anger and take back our freedom’s in a peaceful way.

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  2. #2 Gullible Ted, and The We Believe In Anything Sect
    October 29, 2008 am31 11:11 am

    David makes some excellent points as usual – it all goes down the sink though, when he starts talking about shape-shifting reptiles! Such is life.

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  3. #3 Robert Roy Smith
    October 29, 2008 am31 11:20 am

    The illuminati is not one but two factions. The Rockefellers and the Rothchilds. The so-called “SATANIC” part of it originated in the European faction but part of that is over here too. However, that is NOT the entire IlluminatiYes, within both factions are those who are selfish, greedy, power hungry, despotic etc. However, among any group of human beings you also have those who awaken to the ONE SPIRIT WITHIN ALL THAT IS.

    What has facilitated this among some of the latter generations of the Rockefellers is the extraterrestrial revelation. Oh yes, the Rockefellers have been fully in on it from the beginning. Some to the point of dedicating their lives to learning all its implications from stem to stern. Of course, this aspect was not mentioned in the documentary. Wealth does not preclude the children of weatlh from diving into the spiritual awakening enhanced by ETI contact and themselves waking up to the vain traditional tunnelvision and error and criminality of the families from which they emerge. It would be highly unwise for them to mention this publically and polarize for two reasons, 1) no one would believe them and 2) they would no longer be able to keep tabs on the world manipulation that their families are involved in. Some of those children are now part of the world’s shakers and movers. Some of them are even contactees with the higher evolved ET entities.

    The world manipulation is not ALL bad. You just watched a piece of world manipultion with positive intention. the words of George Calin and Bill Hicks resonate with the truth inside each and every one of us. We inwardly say … YES! Group inducement of a hypnogogic state is not necessary evil either. The Tibetans do it with their chants. The Roman Catholics do it with their Gergorian chant. Meditators do it with group focused intention and visualization. Whenever you read a book and intensly focus on it you are “hypnotizing” yourself into that receptive state of consciousness while opening to the words and concepts you are taking in. The same when you suggest to yourself to loose weight or quit smoking. Hypnosis is a very useful state of consciousness used by all of us all the time whether we recognize that or not.

    It all depends upon one’s intention and willingness to take personal responsibility.

    These wealthy people do have plenty of time to read, study, contemplate and meditate, you know. Some, like any other human beings, actually become creative, compassionate and progressive. So, each person must be understood individually, not by what they say fpr public consumption, nor by the family they come from, nor by the rumors about them, but by what they actually do with their own lives and many are quiet and annonymous, so all popular judgements about them are faulty.

    Good and positive actions are not reported since the news media focuses on fear, terror and scandal. Since our world, at this point, lacks a positive vision to motivate them, FEAR is the choice of the world’s shakers and movers. The wise people are NOT afraid. The unwise need to wake up and realize the manipulation which, actually, is totally transparent and taking place in PLAIN SITE. Those who are fooled by it are only fooling themselves by not using their eyes to see and their ears to hear. Thus they are saying, “CONTROL ME” and indeed get what they ask for.

    The Owl is a symbol for wisdom, you know. Have you not realized that the Bohemian Grove is a THEATRICAL PRODUCTION? No, I am certainly not saying no evil takes place there. Evil takes place at hockey games too and, in fact, in the halls of Congress. Evil also takes place in the very midst of traditional religion. Evil is simply the lack of the light. Darkness is the lack of the light, as was pointed out in the documentary. Enlightenment depends upon our own acceptance of personal responsibility and NO ONE can do that for us. The Law of Creation is cause and effect, so those who cheat, rob, murder, steal and are greedy will inevitibly encounter a backdraft. Those whose hearts are filled with compassion will also encounter a backdraft. The quality of each backdraft is according to what caused it in the first place.

    Does anyone really think that anyone who is genuinely enlightened (illuminated) doesn’t realize that?

    Wisdom is knowledge that is directly experienced and therefore able to be applied in ones life. The greedy criminals and despotic tyrants must gather the fruits of their own actions. Look at what is happening to King George.

    His downfall is an illuminati plan which required NO work on their part whatsoever except to allow documentaries like the one you just watched.

    I do think ALL media is controlled media.

    That includes the documentary exposing 911, the fraudulent banking system and the exposure of the plans of those who wish to rule the world by tyranny. On the surface, that would seem to be all the illuminati is about. However, they just brought you a documentary that most of you fully resonate with, including me. Oh yes they did. Why? Because, indeed, they do control ALL the media and ALL the money and ALL the institutions – including the internet and the documentary you just now saw.

    So, everyone has a choice. Either sit in front of your tee vee poison stuffing your fat mouths in a hypnogogic trance – or – get on the internet and do some real research and find out the implications of extraterrestrial contact.

    Do you think for a moment that the knowledge found on the interent, through the Project Camelot disclosure videos and the Escape the Illusion information would not be shut down instantly if the illuminati shakers and movers didn’t WANT it to be waking people up? Has anyone not realized that they play BOTH SIDES of EVERY ISSUE??? They KNOW what duality is about and how to engineer “reality” by using it. You see, the truly “wise” realize that true wisdom means the understanding of WHO and WHAT we are and the interconnectivity of ALL beings and thus our personal responsibility for each other. Some of those who awaken to that are totally financially impoverished. Others are moderately “middle-classed” and some are from very wealthy elitist families. Such social status means nothing with regards to ones own enlightenment. (true illumination) There is no “holiness” in poverty and there is no inherrent “evil” in wealth.

    Millions are now waking up. Some of us fully saw what happened on 911 from the beginning. The shock that went throughout the world was a wake up call. Of course some meant it for selfish ends and didn’t see what its results would be. Do you think for a moment that the cognizinti elitists of the illuminati were not totally AWARE of what would happen in the aftermath of this huge intelligence operation? Of course they knew.

    Had 911 not happened, we would all still be asleep. But a few ARE awake with millions now to follow.

    We will have a single world government. However, we have AL:READY been under totalitarianism for thousands of years. It’s time is now finished becaise true progress in this Universe requires INDIVIDUAL CREATIVITY. As the extraterrestrial intelligences are gradually revealed INCREMENTALLY according to the ETIs own DISCLOSURE of THEMSELVES, the New Paradigm will be how we THINK. That is, ETI is teaching us and we are learning how to think HOLONOMICALLY instead of the old LINEAR way. We will become consciously aware of our ONENESS and interconnectivity and thus prepare ourselves with an all encompassing VISION to become a type 1 space-faring civilization to explore the mulifarious worlds of time and space right alongside our extraterrestrial friends and relatives.

    There will be turmoil of all magnitudes while making this transition, ever increasing in its rapidity, because ALL the vain traditions of our fathers will crumble. However, the outcome is certain and it is NOT totalitarianism. We have ALREADY been in that, friends. Most have been too stupified and zombified to realize it. But not all. The outcome is ONE world with a SINGLE all encompassing vision to interface with the Universe and all her beings. Very humbling indeed regardless of how much wealth a person controls. The greedy and self seeking are about to perish no matter who they are, rich or poor.

    Peace be unto all.


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  4. #4 Robert Roy Smith
    October 29, 2008 am31 11:32 am

    Gullible Ted,

    Do you not realize that David’s public output about the Royal Family being “Reptilians” is to provide plausible deniability for the important paradigm smashing things he says? So, anyone can say, “that man is a complete paranoid, a fool.” He wants it to be that way, as does the illuminati.

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  5. #5 john
    October 29, 2008 am31 9:59 pm

    I think Roy Smith has some amazing points in that it’s a been a long, long time that we been held down,unfortunately it had to come as a mass murder right in front of our own very eyes.To later realize that wait a minute theres something wrong with this picture.Even though it occurred time after time.I think that either we consciously progressed at a level that the Illuminati didn’t think we would catch it or either their running out of ideas of cover up.Or could it be that they planned it that way for us to see,and if so for what purpose.But I do believe about strength in numbers,and I know if they kill us all one by one their survival would be in jeopardy,so i think either ways their going to eventually collapse.It’s just a matter of short short time span,because we all know time is at high speed nowadays.

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  6. #6 adeez
    October 30, 2008 am31 4:28 pm


    I didn’t even see this video yet, but your comments were so intriguing that I had to write. And I am quite familiar with Icke’s and Jones’s theories.

    Anyway, please explain the “plausible deniability” concept further. Are you suggesting that Icke doesn’t believe in the Reptillain stuff?

    I’m just intrigued – not starting any arguments. Especially considering I don’t know where I stand.

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  7. #7 Gary
    November 2, 2008 am31 8:41 pm

    We need to wake up everyone we can !! create it now

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