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Medicine Man Red Elk: Native American Prophecy

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    Last Updated: October 9, 2008

    Inter-tribal Medicine Man Red Elk shares his visions of earth changes, future and his great vision. Touching on topics such as drought, insects, earthquakes, water, love, earth flip, meteorite, underground bases, nuclear, 666. Including the fact that all this can be changed by you and your actions.

    Red Elk is an Inter-Tribal Medicine Man. He is a self-described half-breed Native American / white, of both the BlackFeet and Shoshoni Nations, as well as part Irish and French. He is a member of the Heyoka (hi – OH – kah) Society, a Contrarian group of Native Americans who do not follow the normal path of mankind. Red Elk is one of twelve Inner Heyoka members. He is one of the nine members of the Red Web Society who are working to bring understanding of many hidden sacred teachings to the people of Earth. He is also an honorary member of the Cherokee Nations Twisted Hair Society…

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  1. #1 Lindiana
    October 10, 2008 pm31 9:22 am

    I think this is a pretty good wake up call to everyone. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure what we are looking at this moment in time. We all know that we have been distroying mother earth slowly, be cause of the path we have chosen in the name of progress. How many times do you think she is going to take it. We all have seen in the past what she can do to change things, and it wasn’t good. So I can see what this guy is saying about our earth. We must stop distroying it and we can if we just make that choice. There are other energies out there that does not hurt our earth that can keep us warm and get us places. These people are struggling at the moment because of the powers that be want to keep it hidden. Why, because corporations would not survive with this knowledge being known. The Orion Project is one of them that are trying to help http://www.theorionproject.org/en/index.html
    We all can agree there is a god and you can call him anything you would like. The one thing that he has always communicated to everyone is that he loves each and everyone of you no matter what you have done in your life. He has always wanted us to show our love to each other, by giving and sharing. I’m not talking about money here. I have had a near death experience, and I can say after it was all over, I was changed for life. If you know of anyone who has gone through that, you have heard and seen the same thing with that person. Each one of us can prevent whats coming if we just change our thoughts.
    The system we have in place that we live by is not working and is crumbling before our eyes. We all know the next president isn’t going to have a magic wand and poof everything is going to be better. It’s going to take us to change things. Maybe the times that are coming is a wake call to each one of us, lets just pray that it doesn’t get as bad as what this guy claims to see, before we decide to do something. Otherwise, just like the guy said “YOU BETTER KISS YOUR SORRY ASS GOODBYE!”

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  2. #2 Davida Wahlen
    October 17, 2008 pm31 8:20 pm

    I can confirm alot of what you say , the first town that will be resestablished , is Enumclaw, Ive seen the spirits of many brothers sitting on ponies waiting , to come and help those of us who are , fighting for our life, I to see many things , perhaps at some time you can , e mail me , for the visions , I to have seen
    thank you for your tapes and your truth , PaPa is great amen

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  3. #3 edmund
    October 22, 2008 pm31 4:04 am

    I was moved to find this and Red Elk thru my Indian blood. I am grateful i have it and to share. I am touched by an Indian seer with Cosmic Chritianity chastising his own people to move out of hate and resentment of whites and to help with the remnant of knowledge they still have. I help those whom The Father sends thru His gift of Spiritual Nutrition. It is very urban for now. Please see http://www.spiritualnutrition.us. Be of good cheer! Edmund

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  4. #4 Red Elk (yes, me)
    December 17, 2008 pm31 4:06 am

    1st off; tnk u 4 hohoreing HIM IN ME on this site.  I odd spell n miss-spell. 4give me.  My dutys lay eleswhare then proper grammer. Never was good in schooling But “HIS”.  Aho? (understand?).4 all, r $$ mess will get Worse, so TRUST IN “HIM”.  By this, those who wil WILL “make it”.  This is the ONLY way u/we will.  U R “DADS’ ” KIDS.  “He” is a WEISE “Adult”…we; mere lil CHILDREN.  TRUST R “PAPA” TO HANDLE R NEEDS!Some SAY they do.  Ull find out 4 SURE in the time we r in.  “He’ll” make DARN SURE U DO!  Wont b n easy lession but “He” dos this BECAUSE U R “HIS”

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  5. #5 Red Elk (yes, me)
    December 17, 2008 pm31 4:17 am

    Sorry, pc sent b4 I compleated.  I am NOT PC SMART.  Did it on its own. ???  Allow me 2 continue:  Brothers/ Sisters,  It matters not ur color or “beleifes”…WE R ONR RELATION.  Born from the SAME MINDWOMB of r Creator.  ALL manking…of ALL “Ways” r BROTHREN.  Doi NOT HATE ur enemys…they TOO r of that same MindWomb.  BROTHERS/SISTERS, one n ALL!  LOVE THEM!  Didnt r Lord love ALL?  WE R 2 FOLLOW HIS LEADING. Need help?  ASK HIM 4 IT!  Apoligize on ur Anger / Hate holdings n GET ON IN LIFE,  LOVEING!  Aho?

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  6. #6 Red Elk (yes, me)
    December 17, 2008 pm31 4:24 am

    PC did it AGAIN!  NO ACCIDENTS.  ALL 4 a REASON.  Even these break-ups.  Teach u something?

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  7. #7 Red Elk (yes, me)
    December 17, 2008 pm31 4:36 am

    AND AGAIN! Sheeessh….Ok, CreatorGod b with u…ALL. Bend as a green reed in TRUST n u wont break. THE WIND WILL B MIGHTY! Best 2 all. HO (Amen…SO BE IT). re PS we can STILL STOP THIS! Its up 2 “YOU”. The sky is STILL NOT RED. re

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  8. #8 Jason
    February 21, 2010 pm31 7:47 pm

    This is my favorite spiritual leader of all time. And i have studied many teachers and walked many paths. You would do very well to listen with your heart, to the truth contained in this man sharing his.

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