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Higher Vibrational People

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    Last Updated: July 23, 2008

    Although they have been on Earth since the dawn of humanity in small numbers, the Higher Vibrational People have been appearing more and more rapidly in the past decade. Among them are the Indigo, Crystal, and Cusp Crystal (also known as Shifted or Indigo-Crystal) children, but also the less well known Blue and Violet people.

    They are called higher vibrational because of the way their auras work. All colours (and all things, for that matter, since everything is made of some kind of energy) vibrate at different levels. The higher an object’s vibration, the less connected it is to this physical world. Colours such as Red, Green, Orange, and Magenta are low level vibrations and so they associate more closely with the physical world. Yellow, Tan, and Lavender are examples of Central colours (between a low vibration and a high one) and Indigo, Crystal, Blue and Violet are known as the Higher vibrations.

    Just as the lower vibrational people are connected to the physical world, higher vibrational people are connected to things outside of our reality. Although they all vibrate at a high level, each colour has a different level at which they reverberate. This makes each one different.

    The Blues were the first HV colour to come to Earth. They came to spread love, forgiveness, generosity, trust and peace. They are often powerful empaths and almost always know how to help people. Their empathy also causes them to be very emotional at times.

    Because they have the lowest vibration of the higher group, they have a strong bond with humanity. They can feel the pain another is experiencing as if it were their own, and therefore often cannot see another suffer. They often give up things to help others, and have been known to become ‘Runaway-Healers’ (a person who unknowingly sends out healing energy to everyone they see. It often results in exhaustion or venerability to illness on the part of the healer).

    Like the Blues, a Violet is a social person who cares greatly for the lives of others. While the Blues are kind and generous givers who could never think of fighting, the Violets are a little more forward. These people are very attached to their moral beliefs and will fight for what they believe in. They protect what they believe to be right and won’t give up until all has been fixed.

    The Violets are protestors, environmentalists, and human rights activists. Because they care for the planet and all it’s inhabitants, they won’t rest if they think someone or something is being treated wrongly.

    The next vibration is the Indigo ray. The Indigos are the most well known colour in all of the aura spectrum. This is because of how their minds work. The Indigos are not connected to this world in many ways. Like the Blues, they are emotional, yet, as the Violets are, they will fight to protect others. But unlike either of the previous colours, they are equipped with knowledge.

    Indigos have found a way to tap into the divine knowledge that all humans have access too, but have forgotten how to use. They were born for an important reason: to tear down the useless systems of life that merely hinder humanity’s progress. They refuse to bow down to ridiculous rules or pathetic forms of authority. They know when a so-called truth is actually a lie and will not hesitate to point it out. They are extremely determined and often teach the wisest of adults a thing or two about the world. Because their minds reach into the ‘Knowledge of Infinity’, they are often little philosophers and know many things about the world.

    Indigo is the colour of the Third-Eye Chakra, so it is no surprise they are born with powerful psychic abilities! Clairvoyance, telekinesis (also known as PK) and telepathy are not unknown among them.

    The most recent, and probably most amazing, colour is not a colour at all… but a pure vibration! The Crystalline children were what the Indigos were preparing for. The Crystals are extremely attuned to the spiritual world. They are protected by many angels and guides (and often have little trouble seeing or hearing them) and are able to commune with God easily (sadly, humans have forgotten they can do this!).

    Although they are very impressive psychics, philosophers and empaths, they are powerless to energies all around. Unnatural foods, pollution and even negative feelings can have adverse affects on these children. Because they operate at such a high vibration they are hypersensitive to any vibrations. Sounds, light, electronic fields, and emotions are easily picked up by the Crystals.

    Although they are seemingly weak, they are the most powerful of all the colours. While the Indigos had knowledge, the crystals have the ability to understand the knowledge. Like little angels, they forgive, heal, love and give as much as they can. Whether it be animal, plant, human or non-living, the Crystals will show as much affection as they would for their own parents.

    And just as the Indigos before them were, they are born with potent psychic gifts and memories of times before they were born. They are healing, telekinetic, telepathic (many parents say their Crystal children talk to them while in the womb), clairvoyant (many children see their angels or guides), clairaudient (even more hear their guides), and just overall powerful.

    The last colour is a transition point between Indigo and Crystal. The Cusp-Crystals were born with indigo traits, but later ‘evolved’ into Crystals. Because of this, they retain their warrior spirit and determination, but gain the sensitivity and understanding of the Crystals. With both Knowledge and Understanding, they can fight for their beliefs and understand the views of the opposing side.

    Because of their high vibrations they are role models for all people, and although many think they are supposed to ‘lead us to the new world’ it is obvious that is not the case. They are showing us the capabilities of ALL humans! The other vibrations must realise this to see how to become like them!

    From the mind of Laurel Chaisson
    Source: http://groups.msn.com/HigherVibrations/highervibrationalpeople.msnw

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